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We are very committed to only using hides that are a by-product of the cattle industry. This means no animal is killed solely for its skin. The raw hides used by our partner tanneries are the by-products that have been discarded from the food industry in production of meat for human consumption. Our hides are all individually inspected prior to cutting and we have committed ourselves to keeping a meticulous eye on the excess waste of each hide. We get the most out of each hide by using scrap leather pieces to make smaller leather goods. When it comes to reducing waste, we are so obsessed, its tribal.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using recyclable Kraft paper for our packaging as well as minimising our print colour to 1 colour. Our Kraft boxes are designed to be a decorator item, keepsake memorabilia or even recycled or repurposed. Should you find no interest in keeping the box, please do not throw it away, write a little kind note to the next owner, sign it and we will gladly collect it our expense and help it find a good home. Who knows, it could go around the world in 80days...

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