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Something to mention…..
This tie is made of genuine Zimbabwean Nguni Cow Hide. The Nguni
cattle breed is indigenous to Southern Africa. Nguni
cattle are known for their fertility and resistance to
diseases, being the favourite breed amongst the
indigenous Bantu people of Southern Africa .


Strong and Resilient like the house of Stone -
Dzimbadzemabwe - Great Zimbabwe,

the Nguni cow is
characterised by its multi-coloured skin, which can
present many different patterns. 

The colours on the skin are a signature themselves
as they have no duplicate. Every skin piece from
each cow has its individual colour and spots, no
other Nguni cow can have a similar pattern…ever.

Here is our assurance to you, that NO ONE else on
this planet has a tie just like this one. That’s how
special you are to a Tribe called Zimbabwe.

* Just like there is no tie like this one,
There’s no one like you,
and….There’s no place like Zimbabwe
…….just saying.

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