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Zana Ncube Tribe Queen-A Tribe called Zimbabwe

Nomakhosazana Khanyile Ncube


A Tribe Called Zimbabwe is the brainchild of Nomakhosazana Khanyile Ncube aka Zana’Kay. Nomakhosazana means Mother of Princesses - Queen. Hatched in 2013 and launched in 2018, the brand is the story of passion and persistence.


A Tribe called Zimbabwe was born out of a passion for Zimbabwe. To bring royalty, honor and identity back to the people of Zimbabwe whose empire DZIMBADZEMABWE- GREAT ZIMBABWE was once visited by the Queen of Sheba. Cattle play a very strong role in Zimbabwean society. They are fundamental to our economy and play very important socio-cultural roles.


Our anchor scripture is Proverbs 31 vs 21. It speaks of a woman whose household has no fear of the winter as they are covered in scarlet. Scarlet wasn’t just a color. It spoke of distinguished identity, honor, royalty, special skills, wealth, elegance and divine protection. May we too be the women who cover our homes and nation in scarlet.

It is our desire that anyone who adorns ‘a Tribe called Zimbabwe’ apparel feels royal, unique, celebrated, valuable and proud. We use prime Zimbabwean Nguni cowhide. The products are handmade and because every piece is unique, each one receives special attention from cutting to packaging. While we specialize in cowhide & leather fashion our flagship products are tribal crowns, cowhide capes and the cowhide neckties.

Bringing the vision to life hasn't been easy but the Tribe movement continues to grow. Much like tying a cowhide tie, there have been many twists and turns. The cowhide tie isn't as soft as your conventional tie. It has stature, resolve and integrity. One has to work their hands softly through it as they knot and turn it. Feeling the direction of the fur yield to your reason, like the tactful and diplomatic dialogue between Heads Of State. 


A mental, physical and spiritual heist enabled by colonialism left our people drifting with hardly any identity. Hurting, confused and sometimes completely lost. Where does one even begin to imagine a rebuilding, a healing and a remembrance? Where does one begin to undo the painful knots. They begin with their hands. Softly and patiently inspiring an awakening..... I trade in valuable things-Memories, Dreams & Prophecies. Through fashion I sell Memories of who we were, Dreams of who we want to be, Visions of who we can be & Prophecies of who We will be. Our culture is VALID. We can INNOVATE. Our roots are worthy of Attention & Respect .


Founder & Creative Director – A Tribe Called Zimbabwe

Instagram : @zanatribequeen

Zana Ncube
Zana Ncube
Zana Ncube
Zana Ncube
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