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Power To The African Woman!!

Ezer k’enegdo 

The original Greek biblical word for WOMAN

Ezer : To rescue, To save, To be Strong

K’enegdo : To mirror, To compliment, To correspond

We first encounter the word 'woman' in the book of Genesis. She is described as one specially created as a Helpmeet or Ezer K’enegdo. She is one who is mirrored to save, corresponds and complements strength.

The strength of the African woman is in her love, courage, perseverance, intelligence, creativity, resilience and bravery. She is the woman who strives to succeed against all odds. Likewise, the 21st century Zimbabwean woman has many faces. She is a mother, friend, sister and wife. She is an Inventor, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Soldier, Rock star, Preacher, President, Doctor, Sportswoman, Model , Architect etc. In spite of all these, she is still a Life Giver. She nurtures, protects, praises, refines, polishes, rescues and comforts all within her EMBRACE.


At a Tribe called Zimbabwe, we believe in women.80% of our staff are female and as we grow we remain committed to working with and empowering women. We believe everywoman is a Queen and we aspire to inspire a generation of women that will bring honour to the Nation.

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